Tega Tabajah Founder

The visionary CEO of Tega and a renowned Survey Engineer. With his expertise in the field and a successful Tunnel Construction Company , he brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the company. As the inventor of the patented Tega Cover and a dedicated global investor, Mr. Bassam leads Tega towards excellence and positions it as a trusted industry leader.


What We Do Globally
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We achieve your projects confidently with the experienced design and production team, bring your project and move forward with TEGA to form in their hands your products at the lowest possible costs, on time and with the highest quality.


Bildpress involves generating better data that our software can convert to discover market.

3D Printing

We reduce the error rate of planned projects by simulating products designed in 3D product design, this saving time by getting successful products in the first print.


Engineering services involve designing, developing, and optimizing systems using science and technology to advance society's infrastructure towards a sustainable future.

Industrial Design

We meet your design needs as we conduct successful and low cost business in the design phase which is the most important stage in project realization.


We provide fully-integrated marketing system for our clients projects for them to make sure that we are reaching both the global and the local markets.

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