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TEGA COVER is a protective cover designed to safeguard total station devices, offering total station protection and ensuring surveying equipment durability.

TEGA COVER is important because it provides reliable total station protection, acting as a protective cover for survey devices. It prevents damage to total station devices, thus protecting your investment and ensuring the longevity of your surveying equipment.

TEGA COVER acts as an anti-shock cover for total station devices, shielding them from physical damage. Made with durable plastic, metal, and rubber materials, this total station cover is designed to withstand impacts, prevent Total Station device from being completely damaged in fall accidents. It offers construction site equipment protection and is an essential protective gear for survey equipment used in fieldwork.

By providing a protective barrier and damage prevention for total station devices, TEGA COVER ensures the uninterrupted functionality of your surveying equipment. With this protective cover, you can work confidently, knowing that your total station device is shielded from potential damage. It enhances surveying work efficiency, contributing to increased productivity on construction sites, engineering projects, and land surveying activities.

To protect your total station device, it is recommended to use a TEGA COVER, a total station protective case specifically designed to fit and safeguard your surveying equipment. This protective cover acts as a shield, offering total station safety cover and protecting against potential damage.

Using  TEGA COVER or a total station cover offers a range of benefits. It provides rugged survey equipment protection, ensuring your devices are damage-resistant and maintain their longevity. This protective gear for survey equipment safeguards against impacts in fall accidents. By extending the lifespan of your total station device, it saves you costs associated with repairs or replacement.

Yes, the TEGA COVER is the only in the world of an anti-shock cover designed specifically to protect total station devices. It is built to withstand impacts and provide total station protection, offering peace of mind during surveying work.

You can extend the lifespan of your total station device by using a protective cover like the TEGA COVER. This protective measure ensures total station device maintenance, shields against damage, and increases the longevity of your surveying equipment.

TEGA COVER provides essential protection for surveying equipment used in various applications, such as construction sites, engineering projects, and land surveying activities. It offers construction site equipment protection, safeguards delicate devices during fieldwork, and enhances the durability of your surveying equipment in rugged environments.

 For rental total station equipment, you can check with reputable survey engineering companies that offer a range of survey instruments, including total stations for lease. These companies often provide rental services for equipment from renowned brands like Leica, Trimble, and Topcon.

Total station devices play a crucial role in achieving accurate measurements and drawings for various purposes, including topographic surveys, landscape design, construction planning, and civil engineering projects. By combining laser scanning technology, precise measurements, and mapping capabilities, total stations enable surveyors and engineers to gather data and create detailed drawings and maps.