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How to Protect Your Surveying Equipment

Surveying equipment can be expensive, and constantly replacing it isn’t ideal. Exposure to the elements and general wear and tear are inevitable, but there are steps you can take to safeguard your investment. Whether you’re dealing with expensive instruments like total stations and GPS units or replaceable items like stakes and laths, proper protection is crucial. Here are our recommendations for ensuring the longevity of your surveying equipment and gear.

Instrument Backpacks

Surveying instruments are indispensable, but carrying them around can be exhausting. A robust backpack with adjustable straps not only keeps your hands free but also ensures your equipment’s safety. Extra pockets come in handy for storing smaller tools, and some backpacks offer additional features such as a cam-lock antenna pole or a built-in pocket for CamelBak hydration systems.

Recommended products in this category

SitePro Field Case for Total Station:This top-loading backpack is designed to safeguard precision instruments and their accessories. Made with durable yet lightweight materials, it boasts high-strength reinforced fiber material and features padded back support.

SECO Large GIS Backpack:Featuring a cam-lock antenna pole, this large backpack offers a convenient and comfortable way to transport and manage your GIS instrumentation. Crafted from heavy-duty, high-visibility polyester materials with cooling mesh and a foam back pad, it also includes a built-in pocket for CamelBak hydration systems.

SECO Robotics Backpack: Specifically designed for robotics, this heavy-duty backpack protects your valuable robotics equipment. With a free-standing aluminum frame, it stays upright even when fully loaded and offers a top-loading station compartment with double zippers and rigid foam padding.

SECO Front-Loading Total Station Backpack: If you prefer front-loading convenience, this total station backpack provides easy access to your equipment. Featuring a tough Rhinotek bottom and water-resistant nylon materials, it’s a comfortable alternative to hard total station cases.

Soft and Hard Cases

Carrying cases are essential for transporting your equipment between field sites. While soft-sided cases work well for small and lightweight gear, more fragile equipment may require the added protection of a hard case. Look for durability, easy-carry handles and straps, and designs that accommodate your equipment and accessories efficiently.

Recommended products in this category:

SECO Single Prism Bag: Designed for fixed single prisms, this lightweight bag is made from padded nylon Cordura, ensuring it’s water-resistant and keeps your equipment safe from dust, dirt, and weather.

Pelican Case 1500: Ideal for fragile equipment, this pelican case is watertight, crushproof, and dustproof. Its open cell core and solid wall design make it strong yet lightweight. It features an automatic pressure equalization valve and a comfortable rubber over-molded handle.

SECO Surveyors Gear Bag with Reinforced Bottom: Offering durability beyond soft cases, this surveyors gear bag is constructed from heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester and features a reinforced Rhinotek bottom.

SECO Case for Large Controllers: Designed to fit most large controllers, including Allegro, TSC2, and the Ranger series, this soft case has a convenient Velcro flap closure, belt loop, and shoulder strap.

Pelican Case 1520: With a lifetime guarantee of excellence, this hard case is watertight, dustproof, and crushproof. Protect your most fragile equipment with Pick n Pluck convoluted lid foam, stainless-steel hardware, and padlock protectors.

Stake, Lath, and Tripod Bags

Losing stakes or laths might not seem significant initially, but small losses add up over time. Proper storage not only secures these surveying essentials but also ensures easy accessibility when needed. Tripod bags serve a similar purpose but are designed explicitly for the tripods supporting total stations, GPS units, and other equipment.

When shopping for a stake bag or lath carrier, look for sturdy, reinforced handles, bright colors for visibility on worksites, and durable, waterproof materials.

Recommended products in this category:

SitePro 48-inch Heavy-Duty Reinforced Lath Bag: Crafted for durability, functionality, and style, this 48-inch lath bag is constructed from high-strength fiber materials and features a reinforced 8-inch bucket-style bottom. Its heavy-duty adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying 48-inch lengths of lath a breeze.

SECO 18-inch Heavy-Duty Stake Bag with Partition: Keep your stakes ready with this 18-inch stake bag, constructed from tough Rhinotek material. Designed to hold 18-inch stakes and rebar, it includes a center divider, hammer loop, and adjustable shoulder strap.

SECO 36-inch Heavy-Duty Lath Bag: Carry 36-inch lath lengths in comfort with this bag made from abrasion-resistant Rhinotek material. It retains the classic design but offers improved durability, lasting up to five times longer than other bags.

SECO Heavy-Duty Lath Carrier with Bucket Bottom: Simplify lath transportation with this carrier featuring a bucket bottom. Add any standard five-gallon bucket to the bottom for a sturdy base and upright, easy access.

Pole Bags and Cases

Just as the right pole or tripod keeps your equipment secure off the ground, a sturdy carrying bag should safeguard your rods and poles. Pole bags come in hard or soft-sided options, catering to your preference.

Recommended products in this category:

SECO Heavy-Duty Prism Pole Tripod/Bipod Bag: Designed for carrying prism poles with the tripod attached, this heavy-duty bag includes a fold-over flap and a durable Rhinotek bottom for added protection. It also features a comfortable carrying strap.

SECO Hard Shell GPS Rover Rod Case: Offering maximum protection for GPS rover rods, this hardshell case is perfect for shipping, storage, and fieldwork.

SECO Range Pole Protective Bag: Protect your range poles from dirt and moisture with this bag made from heavy-duty textured polyester. It accommodates poles up to 46 inches in length.

SECO 2-Meter Snap-Lock Pole System Bag: Crafted from rugged Cordura material with Rhinotek ends, this bag is designed to hold 2-meter Snap-Lock poles with the bipod or tripod still attached. It includes a full-length zipper, dual hand carry straps, and a full-length shoulder strap.

In addition to proper protection during transport, regular equipment maintenance is essential. Annual servicing is recommended for total stations and other electronic devices, even if they appear to be in working order. Frequent calibration and cleaning are necessary to keep your tools in optimal condition. These instruments are designed to be weather-resistant, so a little soap and water won’t hurt.

Investing in high-quality surveying equipment is a smart decision, and it deserves protection. Ensure you have the right cases, bags, and backpacks to keep your gear secure and in excellent working condition. And remember, for total station equipment, consider TEGA COVER—an extra layer of protection against unexpected mishaps. Safeguard your surveying gear today!

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