How to Keep Your Total Station Safe with TEGA COVER


When it comes to surveying (Total Station) equipment, protecting your valuable total station device is crucial. TEGA COVER, a specially designed protective cover, offers a reliable solution to safeguard your total station devices. In this blog, we will explore the significance of TEGA COVER, its effectiveness in preventing damage and accidents, and its durability in challenging fieldwork environments.

  1. Understanding the product:
    TEGA COVER is a purpose-built protective cover crafted with durable plastic, metal, and rubber materials. Designed to fit most survey devices, this versatile cover acts as a shield for total station devices, ensuring their longevity and protection.
  2. Significance of the TEGA COVER:Investing in the TEGA COVER is a proactive choice to protect your valuable equipment. By preventing physical damage and fall accidents, this cover saves you costs associated with repairs or replacements. It allows you to focus on your surveying tasks with confidence.
  3. Total Station Protection:TEGA COVER serves as an anti-shock cover, defending total station devices against impacts and accidental falls. Its robust construction and shock-absorbent materials safeguard the delicate components, ensuring accurate and precise surveying measurements.
  4. Durability in Challenging Environments:Designed to withstand demanding environments, such as construction sites and rugged terrains, the TEGA COVER provides reliable protection for total station devices. It shields your equipment from external elements, enhancing its durability and performance.
  5. Essential Gear for Fieldwork:Fieldwork exposes surveying equipment to various hazards. The TEGA COVER acts as an essential protective gear, minimizing the risk of damage from bumps, scratches, and minor falls. Its robust design and reliable materials keep your total station device intact and fully operational in challenging field conditions.

TEGA COVER is a vital accessory for surveyors seeking total station protection and durability. By investing in this protective cover, you take proactive steps to shield your total station device from physical damage and fall accidents. With its rugged construction and shock-absorbent materials, the TEGA COVER ensures the longevity and reliability of your surveying equipment. Safeguard your total station device with TEGA COVER and experience enhanced equipment durability and peace of mind during your surveying operations.

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